Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko

2019 Africa Shared Value Summit MC Caroline Mutoko is the CMO of Radio Africa Group and a leading Kenyan media personality, with a radio career that spans more than 15 years.

Born in Nairobi, Caroline Mutoko has lived her life out loud quite literally on radio, television and now on digital media. In Kenya and East Africa, she is a well-known media proprietor, sought-after keynote speaker and budding entrepreneur in the beauty world. Caroline is a pioneer in many areas. She thrives in the vortex of creativity and excels at breaking barriers. At 25, she was a trailblazing female radio anchor, the first of her kind. At 28, she was running the radio station.

She lives for the challenge of doing what many like to say can’t be done – in life, love and work. The ability to push boundaries, establish a new normal and make it work, is something she loves to do and she does it well. She is a philanthropist who believes in sustainability and focuses her efforts in the areas of education for girls and empowering women. Caroline is the first female broadcaster to command the morning airwaves with a mix of love, charity and brutal honestly for the issues that affect Kenyans most.

As she spreads her wings beyond her native Kenya and East Africa, Caroline Mutoko seeks to be the voice that tells the African narrative on the global stage, and she is also the person you can call when you’re seeking a contact on the continent. Caroline is a One Young World Ambassador, a panellist and a moderator for The United Nations, both in Kenya and in New York.

She believes relying on your best strengths yield tremendous outcomes and has reengineered her life by asking herself, “If my life was a book … how would I want this story to end?”

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